Gretchen Pleuss

Funny how sometimes you meet people and just click. We actually had Gretchen stay with us as a favor to a friend. She was traveling through Atlanta as a stop on her tour across the country and thought of us for a place to crash. Love that. We hung out, we talked, we drank, we ate, she did her thing, she moved on. She is extremely talented and an incredible human to say the least. We kept in touch and on her second visit to Atlanta, offered a place to stay once again for her tour. This time I actually got to catch her set at Eddie’s Attic and was very moved by the energy and vibe she presents in her set. It’s interesting to me that sometime you hear a certain genre of music playing (radio, online, or whatever) and excuse it cause it may not be what you normally listen to, but seeing someone express themselves in person and open up to a room full of strangers creates an entirely different element that drags you in, if the talent is there of course. It was a great performance and a fun visit with friend. I look forward to the next time through. Be sure to check out Gretchen Pleuss’ music and catch her the next time she comes through your city.